Built on top of the Binance Smart Chain, we are thrilled to release the Dether Decentralized Autonomous Organization.


Dether is an international peer-to-peer network of individuals and businesses willing to buy and sell cryptocurrency for cash and spend it at physical stores nearby.

Since 2017, we have been focused on breaking barriers to cryptocurrency adoption by creating a trustless bridge between cash and cryptocurrency. …

As we are getting closer to launching the Dether DAO, here is a recap of what will be on the next release with fresh news.


  • The Dether DAO will be released on top of Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
  • Participants will need to wrap their DTH to WDTH to participate in the Dether DAO
  • All taxes paid in DTH via the Dether Protocol will directly go to the DAO Treasury Fund
  • The Dether Protocol and Dether App will be deployed on BSC
  • DTH will be live on BSC, thanks to a bridge on multichain.XYZ
  • All interactions with the zoning…

The beginning of 2021 has been more than exciting in the crypto space. The global crypto market capitalization has finally reached the symbolic level of 1.5T. Every week, a new and prestigious institution is publicly getting involved in the crypto space such as PayPal, Tesla, MicroStrategy and even Miami City. This clears the path to a greater public understanding and trust in the infinite potential of the blockchain technology.

While the DeFi sector keeps booming on Ethereum, new alternatives and new products emerge on different blockchains such as Polkadot or Binance Smart Chain.

The market has excitingly evolved towards a…

The end of 2020 is finally here. We’ve had an extremely busy 2020 at Dether despite the global pandemic that happened across the globe, releasing the Dether protocol and blockchains interoperability solutions with Bitcoin, Polkadot and Kusama.

What’s coming in 2021 is even more exciting. Today, we are delighted to introduce the upcoming DetherDAO: a logical step towards a fully decentralized Dether protocol with its governance mechanisms.


Dether is an international peer-to-peer network of individuals and businesses willing to buy and sell cryptocurrency for cash and spend it at physical stores nearby.

Since 2017, we’ve been focused on creating the…

Creating a decentralized bridge between cash and DOT/KSM in over 140 countries.

We are delighted to announce that we are now supporting Polkadot and Kusama on the Dether App.

Since 2017, Dether’s mission is to break barriers to cryptocurrency adoption by creating a peer-to-peer bridge between cash and cryptocurrency.

With this goal in mind, from today, it is now possible for Dether users to:

  • create a Polkadot/Kusama (DOT/KSM) wallet
  • fund, store and send Polkadot (DOT) and Kusama (KSM) using their Dether wallet
  • buy DOT/KSM locally with cash in over 140 countries
  • sell DOT/KSM for cash and make money from it

Discover how to earn DTH tokens by staking your DTH tokens. 500,000 DTH tokens will be equally distributed among participants.

UPDATE: September, 4th, 2020

The Dether Staking Reward Program is officially over!

Thank you everyone for participating! If you have participated in the program but haven’t claimed your staking rewards yet:

After you have filled out the form, a confirmation email…

A peer-to-peer cash-to-crypto on/off ramp protocol.
A DeFi protocol created by Ethereum developers. For Ethereum developers.

  • Built on Ethereum, the Dether protocol provides a set of DeFi tools to create a bridge between cash and cryptocurrency.
  • It brings a cash-to-crypto on/off ramp to decentralized applications solving the crypto first and last mile issue.

Onboard the world to your (D)app

After three years of research, development and countless sleepless nights, we’re thrilled to release the Dether Protocol: a peer-to-peer cash-to-crypto protocol for applications built on top of Ethereum.

As a developer or dApp/product owner, you can now:

  • Add a cash-to-crypto on/off ramp for your app
  • Build new…

Happy Bitcoin halving day!

Today represents a major event in the history of cryptocurrency, as the number of Bitcoin mined every 10 minutes officially drops by half, from 12.5 BTC to 6.25 BTC. It’s only happened twice before, and it will happen again every four years.

Celebrating this particular day, we’re thrilled to release a new and long-awaited feature in the Dether App.

Dether App users can now buy and sell Bitcoin for cash in over 140 countries, all while earning money from their Bitcoin trades!

Our mission

Since the beginning, our mission has always been and remains to break barriers to…


Starting from today, Dether Wallet users can:

  • fund their wallet with Bitcoin (BTC)
  • receive Bitcoin by displaying or sharing their Bitcoin QR code
  • send Bitcoin to others

The Dether Wallet is your non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet that you can use to buy, sell or spend cryptocurrency at shops located on the Dether map. It already supports Ether (as it was initially designed as an Ethereum-based wallet) and allows you to customize your Dether wallet the way you want by adding your chosen ERC20 tokens.

Starting today, you can fund, store and send Bitcoin (BTC) with your Dether Wallet. By creating an…

Hola, Очень рады вас видеть and bonjour!

Keeping up with the latest crypto terms is hard enough. Sometimes, a lack of translation in different languages can be a major barrier when it comes to using a crypto application.

Today, we are excited to announce that the new Dether app is now available in Spanish, Russian and French! Just like we previously did we the Beta app, we wanted to make sure that Dether users across the globe can easily buy and sell ether for cash while being confortable with all terms used in the app.

This update is in line…


Your peer-to-peer cash-to-crypto on/off ramp

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