How to Buy and Sell Crypto for Cash Using the Dether Beta App

Getting Started

1. Adding the application to your home screen

Dether is a PWA (progressive web app), or a hybrid of a website and a mobile application. We created Dether as a PWA because it supports our mission of decentralization and to combat against censorship from mobile app stores. Because Dether is a PWA, you don’t need to download it from the App Store or Play Store. As this is the beta version of the Dether app, you can buy and sell ether for cash, and exchange ether for a variety of ERC20 tokens (and exchange those ERC20 tokens for ether). The next version of the app will have even more cryptocurrencies available to buy and sell. Please be sure that location services are enabled for your browser before beginning!

Let’s get started!

Using Safari (on iPhone) or Chrome (on Android), go to

In order to properly access the app, you will need to access it in a browser (and not directly from an app, like Twitter or Facebook). Find the “share” button at the bottom of your browser’s toolbar, and add it to the home screen. Once the Dether app is added to your home screen, you can open it, and accept the terms and conditions and the privacy policy.

2. Create or import a wallet

You can create a new wallet, or you can import your own wallet to Dether if you already have one. If you are importing a wallet, you will need your back up phrase.

Enter your email address to either create or import your wallet.

3. Copy your backup phrase

Once you have created your wallet, you will see your backup phrase displayed. A backup phrase is a list of 12 words, which stores all the information needed to recover a wallet. You MUST note your backup phrase, as we cannot retrieve this information for you. Once you have noted your backup phrase, you will need to verify it.

***Please, be sure that you have copied your backup phrase and recorded it in a secure place. If you lose your backup phrase, there is NO WAY that we can retrieve it for you. Because Dether is a decentralized platform, we do not store a copy of this information.***

4. Choose a password

(Are you sure you copied your backup phrase? Go ahead and double-check. Great!) Now you are ready to choose a password.

Your password must contain 1 lowercase letter, 1 special character, 1 uppercase letter, 1 number, and at least 8 characters.

Why do you need a password? Your password will encrypt your private key located in your device. For every transaction you make, you will need to enter your password. It’s also a safety measure in case you lose your phone: no one will be able to trade with your Dether wallet without your password.

Once you choose your password, your wallet will be encrypted.

5. Confirm your phone number

Enter your country location and phone number. You will be asked to confirm your phone number by SMS. Enter the code you received to confirm your number. If there is an error, you can change your phone number or resend the verification code.

You’re almost on your way!

6. Choose your avatar

Choose an avatar from the choices presented to you. You can change your avatar once you’ve created your account.

Wallet Features

Sending ERC20 tokens in a single tap

In the portfolio tab, select the currency you’d like to send. Enter the amount you’d like to send, and then tap “next” and confirm your transaction. You can, for example, exchange ETH for DAI in the “exchange” tab. Enter the amount you wish to exchange and select “continue.” Confirm your exchange.

The Dether Map

Locating sellers

Select “maps” from the bottom menu. Type a location into the menu bar to see each seller in that area. Click on the seller to see their location, fees, and reputation rating. From here, you can chat with each seller about your transaction on Telegram (a messaging service that you can download in the App Store here and in the Play Store here). Once you agree to meet, use the “receive” button on the wallet page to access your wallet address. You can view your transactions in the “history” tab.

Congrats! You’ve officially created your Dether account. Now you are ready to create a point of sale.


Creating a point of sale

At the bottom of the home screen, you will see a menu with the options “wallet,” “maps,” “sell,” and “settings.” Choose “sell.” To become a seller, you will need at least 0.045 ETH and 42 DTH. Tap “add a point of sale.” A point of sale is the location where you will meet with a buyer to carry out your transaction.

Set your margins, the amount of ETH you want to sell, and your Telegram username. Confirm your point of sale.

You have now created a point of sale and are officially a seller on the Dether app! You can delete your point of sale at any time.


In this section of the app, you can access the following:


Change your avatar here.


Change your currency here.


Got a question? Find answers here.


Leave your feedback about the app with our online form.

Report a bug

Having a technical issue? Report it here.

Follow us

Keep in touch and find us online!

Backup phrase

Enter your password to see your backup phrase.

Terms and conditions

The important legal stuff.


Logout of your account.

Delete account

Deleting your account will also delete your point of sale. Your staked DTH and ETH in escrow will be returned to your wallet.

Please note that this is the beta main net version of Dether, and some bugs are to be expected! We will be providing user support on our Zen Desk page — please get in touch if you have any problems!

Ready to go? Get the Dether app here!

Plus, check out our video tutorials on YouTube!




Your peer-to-peer cash-to-crypto on/off ramp

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Your peer-to-peer cash-to-crypto on/off ramp

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