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Yesterday, well-intentioned Dether supporters notified our development team of a flaw in the mailing system.

The anomaly could eventually permit the access to our Mailing Lists, including certain information such as name, email and Ethereum addresses (if previously provided). Our development team swiftly corrected the situation.

We feel it is important to make the community aware of this discovery, even though the Mailing List information is not sufficient to access any funds. At the moment, we are not yet able to confirm if the anomaly was exploited.

In response, we have immediately fixed the anomaly and changed our mailing provider. As advocates of decentralization, we have decided that we won’t use third-party services that can increase potential data breaches in the Dether beta app.

As always, we recommend the community to be vigilant when opening emails. Dether will never ask for personal information, such as your Ethereum address and private key. Most importantly, Dether will never, in any circumstance, request funds to be transferred outside the Dether platform.

If you received any unusual emails, please contact us at

Thank you for your trust in Dether and for keeping the community safe.


The Dether Team

Special thanks to Michael from LocalEthereum for his help.

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